Near our downtown apartments you will find all you need: tourist attractions, recreational spaces, access to public transport and more!

Here you will find a brief guide to all the locales that you will have near your furnished apartment, so you can enjoy your stay in Santiago and experience the capital of Chile in an exciting and new way.


 Our apartments are nearly 2 blocks away from the Santiago Central Highway (“Autopista Central”), giving you fast access from there to the transit network of our capital. Connecting from there with the “Costanera Norte” highway, It will be easy to travel westwards to get out of the city and go to the beach, or go eastwards to the most shopping centers in South America. Providencia is only 15-20 minutes away this way, and you can visit the San Cristobal Hill and the Metropolitan Zoo by Cable Car ride or go shopping at the tallest building in Latin America: the world reknown Costanera Center.

The subway connects the main urban icons of the great city of Santiago, and it’s the best way to move around. Try to avoid rush hour, as you would in any big city of the world.
The nearest station is Universidad de Chile to the north. By walking only 13 minutes southward you will find the building. This is the station you need to reach Providencia and Manquehue, places where you can do some serious shopping.
Westwards, you will also find the Toesca Metro Station,



Just two squares away, you will find the “Espacio Diana” center, an entertainment establishment that was first founded in 1934 and that has evolved from amusement and carnival games into a multi-purpose center where you can enjoy retro games, have a delicious meal or even book a private space to host events. Check out their website for exciting activities and cultural shows, as they are always bringing something new for your amusement.

Visit for more info
Address: Arturo Prat 435, Santiago, Región Metropolitana
Phone: +56 2 2632 8823


This Cinema has 30 years of history, and has become a cultural patrimony for Santiago, as it rescues and screens national and international films that may be described as art cinema styled movies: pieces of significant cultural importance that either record history, or have intense moral messages and deep cultural value.

Address: Tarapacá 1181, Santiago, Región Metropolitana
Phone: (2) 2697 2979



basilica de los sacramentosThis beautiful church located one block to the north has a nice plaza in front of it and a bicycle road runs next to it, pouring life into the neighborhood where our apartments are located.


Two blocks eastward you will find outdoor bookstores of all sorts, a city hall initiative to support these small businessmen. Located on a small plaza, we recommend you take a walk to this entertaining public space.


Towards the northwest, you will find the “Paseo Bulnes”, which is a pedestrian street in downtown Santiago. It runs from Alameda Avenue in the north to the Almagro Park in the south. The street is lined by beautiful buildings of uniform height and similar facades, which were built under an urban plan approved in 1937 and whose main purpose was the development of a government district around the La Moneda Palace (the governmental house). In 1939, the first zoning regulation plan for Santiago proposed the southward extension of the then Avenida Central (now known as Paseo Bulnes) and the whole street is now protected because of its historical and cultural importance. You may also enjoy the vivid nightlife in this amazing neighborhood, so don’t miss it!


The Palacio Cousiño is a palace that was designed and built in 1870-1878 for Isidora Goyenechea, widow of Luis Cousiño, who in turn was son of Matías Cousiño. It is located at 438 Dieciocho Street in Santiago, Chile.
The palace was designed by architect Paul Lathoud, who also designed the building housing the Chilean National Museum of Natural History. The palace was constructed in Second Empire Style and completed in 1878.
This building is now open to the public, so be sure to schedule an appointment to see this historic building and take a look at how life was in Chile in the old days.
Address: Calle, Dieciocho 438, Santiago, Región Metropolitana
Phone: +56 2 6985063


strip center downtown stores restaurant and minimarket

Walking eastwards you will find a strip center with restaurants, a minimarket and other stores within walking distance. You’ve got all you need just around the corner.

Walking 13 minutes northwards, you will find the Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Avenue, also known as the Alameda Avenue. If you cross over, you will be in the lively center of the whole capital, where all sorts of exciting business offer great deals and a variety of services and items. Music stores, shoes, a street specialized in lens and glasses, food courts and international food restaurants, cinemas and all sort of speciality stores are just around the corner! Take a close look at the beautiful buildings that surround you, as many of them tell the story of our city, being as old as amazingly decorated.

Going towards the northeast from here, you will also find museums such as the “Museo de Bellas Artes”, the National Arts Museum ( and “El Municipal”, a national opera building where only the best international presentations take place (
Downtown Santiago is full of life and variety, and you will need more than a couple of days to get acquainted with its ever fluctuating streets and find the places that better resonate with your tastes and hobbies, but we assure you: there’s something for everyone!

Check out our apartments today and secure your stay in Santiago!