Today we present locations of architectural interest. Iconic buildings in the heart of Santiago, as old as beautiful and full of stories. We hope you will love to visit them during your stay in Chile.

– Palace of La Moneda:

Presidential building located in the center of Santiago, a neoclassical building designed in 1785 by the architect Joaquín Toesca to house the Mint in the colonial era. Guided tours allow you to explore its ground floor, patios and various rooms, among which are the emblematic room where former President Salvador Allende died.

In front of it stands the Plaza de la Ciudadanía, an interesting esplanade of green spaces and water games, which hides underneath its surface the Moneda Cultural Center, underground enclosure that houses a cinema, two temporary exhibition rooms, spaces with permanent collections , Shops, bookshop and cafeteria. More information on the Cultural Center site.

-Palacio Cousiño:

Palace designed in 1870 to house the family Cousiño-Goyenechea, one of the wealthiest families of the time, owners of the coal mine of Lota, silver mine Chañarcillo and Cousiño-Macul Vineyard among other possessions.

As most of the architecture of that period has a French-style appearance, with two levels where twelve rooms of different richly entertained styles are distributed. Worth mentioning among them is the “Salon Dorado”, distinguished by its set of mirrors and silk curtains with gold applications made by hand. Beautiful gardens in their surroundings end up complementing the Palace.